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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services Director
EMS Director Nathan Hall

56 Atkinson Street
Stanton, KY 40380

Phone: (606) 663-0376


About Emergency Medical Services
Powell County Ambulance Service (PCAS) was established in 2001 as a Basic Life Support (BLS) service. In 2001 PCAS made the change from a Basic Life Support Service to an Advance Life Support (ALS) service. With this big change the PCAS was able to provide a high quality of life saving interventions for the citizens and tourist of Powell County.

PCAS receives approximately 3400 emergency and non-emergency calls per calendar year. Approximately 3000 of these calls are emergency calls, which all emergency calls are priority over the non-emergency calls or transfers.

PCAS attends special events throughout the year such as Career Day, Knox Family Farm Day, football games, basketball games, the Corn Festival, County Fair, etc. While PCAS is attending some of these special events we like to take that opportunity to educate the public in hands only CPR. One of our goals is to teach a large number of Powell County Citizens hands only CPR. This simple two-minute lesson may change the outcome of someone's family member. The main goal for PCAS is to provide the best and most efficient EMS service around to provide the needs of our community.

Ambulance Updates
PCAS, along with CSEPP has purchased 200 bleeding control kits. Bleeding Control Kits equip the public with life-saving bleeding control supplies. These include tourniquets, pressure dressings and gauze bandages that help to save lives. We are disbursing these bleeding control kits in the community to be placed in the schools, busses, fire departments and in law enforcement vehicles. Another goal we have is to purchase enough bleeding control kits to place one in each classroom, gym, and cafeteria in the Powell County School District.
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